Visual Studio 2017 support

Hi, Just upgraded to VS 2017 and am disappointed to find that no VisualHG extension is available. Is this planned?

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Diff Margin Support

It'd be nice if you added diff margins with the plugin, another IDE I use has them baked in and its a game changer in my opinion.

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HG pending changes window ignores dark theme

When you set the VisualStudio theme to dark the HG pending changes window remains white colored. I think it should follow the user's settings.

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Small icons in solution explorer disappeared in VS 2015

Just migrated from VS 2013 to VS2015, I find the small icons in source tree disappeared. Why?

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History context menu item does not work for files not in solution

Open a file in Visual Studio which is not in your solution, but is in source control. Right-click on the tab and select "History". A history window opens but it opens for a different file; for me i...

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VisuialHG Diff command stopped working

I'm using VS 2013 and when I upgraded VisualHG to version 1.1.6 I noticed that the diff menu item stopped responding. IOWs, I right click on a modified filed (from the Solution Explorer) and select...

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Visualhg not updating icons in one of my projects

I have several visual studio solutions. In one solution, a mixed C++ and C# solution I have around 15 sub projects where each has its own mercurial repository. This solution builds fine and chec...

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Black theme

Hi, I am using Visual Studio 2013 with Black Theme. VisualHG makes my eyes hurt after long work. Please add support for black theme in this plugin. Thanks.

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remember column widths in Pending Changes window

This is a simple request to make VisualHG remember the column widths in the HG Pending Changes window.

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VisualHG should install on Integrated Shell

Visual HG refuses to install on the Integrated Shell also there are no licence obstacles. By adding the line: <Edition>IntegratedShell</Edition> just under the <Editon>Pro</Edition> line in the ex...

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