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VisuialHG Diff command stopped working


I'm using VS 2013 and when I upgraded VisualHG to version 1.1.6 I noticed that the diff menu item stopped responding. IOWs, I right click on a modified filed (from the Solution Explorer) and select the diff menuItem and nothing happens. All the other menu items work as expected. Therefore, I've tried uninstalling and restalling... no change. I've also tried to get it to work by setting the external diff to KDiff3... still no change.

Also, the command doesn't work from within Hg pending changes dialog box either.

Any ideas on how to get this command working again? Thanks.


emschmidtaar wrote Aug 13, 2015 at 4:32 PM

I had this exact same issue. After looking at the VisualHG options, I noticed that the External Diff Tool Command didn't appear to have the right path (at least for TortoiseHG 3.5). After choosing the KDIFF as the Diff Tool, I had to alter the path to the appropriate location. and then it worked.

MartinVobr wrote May 3, 2016 at 5:15 PM

It looks like the default path for KDiff is no longer valid - at least for Tortoise HG 3.7.3.

VisualHG suggests:
"$(ProgramFiles)\TortoiseHG\KDiff3.exe" "$(Base)" --fname "$(BaseName)" "$(Mine)" --fname "$(MineName)"

Correct path is:
"$(ProgramFiles)\TortoiseHG\lib\KDiff3.exe" "$(Base)" --fname "$(BaseName)" "$(Mine)" --fname "$(MineName)"

Maybe it's was default location for some older version of TortoiseHG?