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No longer working with Tortoise HG version 4.0

Dec 7, 2016 at 9:11 PM
None of the functions work after upgrading to Tortoise HG 4.0
Mar 2 at 9:41 PM
Which is also a dead project.

There is v3 which also seems to be dead:
Mar 15 at 10:21 AM
Very strange

Visual Studio 2017
Visual Hg 1.1.7
Tortoise Hg 4.0.1

It work
Mar 20 at 4:05 PM
Actually VisualHG2015 seems to work OK although I have not tested with Tortoise Hg 4.x. TortoiseHG 4 broke all of my extensions so I have stayed on 3 until it gets sorted out.

You can get a zip of VSHG2015 here: