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VisualHg needs an "Add..."

Jul 26, 2011 at 2:53 PM

VisualHg appears to not Add files as I would expect when using the right-click menu in the Solution Explorer.  The Add Selected Files is nice but it should take the .sln or project selected into context and add all files in the solution or project.

When I right-click and select Add Selected Files on the Solution I am expecting the complete solution with all projects to be added to Mercurial.  What I see is only the .SLN file is added to Mercurial.  I have disabled the automatically add files in VisualHg to avoid it automatically adding all files in the directory.

When I select "Add Selected Files" on a project I only get the project file and none of the project's files are included.

When I select "Add Selected Files" on a web project it reports no files selected.

It appears with VisualHg's automatically add files disable there isn't an easy way to "add files" using Visual Studio that operates like other source control tools for Visual Studio.