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Possible to use standard "Check Out" dialog for read only files?

Jul 29, 2010 at 3:53 PM
Our corporate source control is perforce, which has many limitations when it comes to branching, So I'm using hg as a local repository for managing multiple parallel development tasks. This is working fine using TortioseHg. However, using VisualHG I am running into a "show stopper" which is caused by perforce's use of the read-only flag to indicate checked in|out status. By default all the files in my working directory are read-only, and when I try to save them with no scc provider active I get a dialog from VS that has an option to make the file writable and do the save. However when I enable VisualHG as the scc provider and try to save a read-only file this dialog is not presented and I get a "The operation could not be completed. Access Denied" error instead. So my question is whether it is possible to either display the original VS "make writable" dialog, or even better just automatically make the files that are being saved writable?